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    Linqu Zhuiri Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was one of high-tech enterprise for magnetic separation and mechatronics equipment .focusing on R & D. production & sales. the company located in Linqu county. Shandong P.R. China. with convenient transportation.

    Our main products including RCD series of electromagnetic iron remover. RCY series of permanent iron remover.magnetic separators. metal detectors. Conveyors. Elevators.constant weight automation system ingredients The water-preadding and ball-forming system. electromagnetic vibration feeding machines. widely used in electricity.building materials. chemical industry.metallurgy.mining. glass textile and other industries....View Details >>

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Linqu Zhuiri Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd  
Address: Bei Wu li zhuang village Linqu county.Shandong P.R.China Technical Support:seahigh   
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